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I am Gaganjyot Singh, I am a Senior Software Engineer at Whodat. My work here relates mostly to server programming for AR Platform.

I am a keen observer of the C++ language and try to keep myself updated to the latest standards. Other languages I like to work on are Go, Rust, Python, Erlang and Javascript.

I’ve been a contributor to GD[0], LibreCAD[1] and GNU LibreDWG[2] organisations in past. I participated in GSoC 13 in LibreDWG, GSoC 14, 16 in LibreCAD. Now I mentor students for GCI and GSoC Under LibreCAD.

This site is kept simple avoiding most of the CSS styling to be readable on the console as well.

You can read my blog where I try to share about my personal projects, my learning in my domain and sometimes some personal thoughts.

Also I’ve shared here a few of open projects I did during and after college.

You can contact me on Mail[3] which I check on alternate days. If an earlier response is needed, drop me a message on my cell number[4] regarding the same.

gaganjyot.com | code, thoughts, ideas, stories and maths