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The Home

Hello Everyone,

I am Gaganjyot Singh from the Co-Manchester of India “Ludhiana”. Its a beautiful city located in Punjab state and is famous for its Textiles and Sports manufacturing industries. Also the Hero corporation has its main industry here. Beautiful farms, Gurudwaras to visit and the food makes ludhiana much more special.

In the past I have completed my diploma in mechanical Engineering and now pursuing my bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering. I have passion for Computer Engineering and always tend to consider problems and solve them in form of some code.

I am a dog lover from heart and also I love playing chess, sudoku, listening music, Riding bike and trekking.

Regarding the technical background,

I usually work on opensource projects, have created some scripts and programs released under the GPLv3, MIT and MPL licenses which could be found under my github.

I have successfully completed Google summer of Code 2013, 2014 and 2016 for GNU ( 2013 ) and BRL-CAD ( 2014, 2016 ) Organisations respectively.

My past involves working for CAD/CAM designs but now looking foward for Networks, IoT, Servers and aim to pursue DevOps when working for some organisation.

I have worked on C,C++, Python and a pinch of Go, Nodejs and their frameworks respectively. Databases include MySQL, Mongo, Redis and Neo4j.

You can read my Blog here and here is my curriculum vitae.

You can contact me via,

Mail: “thegaganx ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com”

Cell Phone: +91-89689-33899 or +91-85678-75397